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Fitness boxing

Train with professional and experienced coaches together with active athletes. Bring your body and mind into harmony, reduce excess energy, release your frustration on the punching bag, train and get in the best shape. With a boxing training you achieve an intense feeling of well-being. Quality and fun are always in the foreground. Our aim is to get the best out of everyone and to take the personally set goals into account.

A fitness boxing training lasts on average 60 minutes. Are you FIT and want more? We also have special lessons and strength / endurance training lasting up to 90 minutes! In fitness boxing, we use the training processes and elements of classic boxing (jump rope, strength training, punch training, work on sandbags, partner training, punching school with claws, etc.) and combine these with modern fitness training adapted to today's customer needs. Body control, endurance, concentration as well as quick thinking and reaction is demanded of the body. Skills that we all need in everyday life from young to old. If you start with us you will have fun and always look forward to the next training.

Timetable Here you will find all
training times



Training methods
the sport of boxing
concentration, condition,
strength and flexibility.

Obstacle course

An intensive interval training
on different devices and
punching bags get you up to speed.


cool down,
turn off and
feel good!

In addition to fitness athletes who are looking for a sporting challenge, people who come to us want to escape the high demands of everyday professional life. For them in the foreground is stress reduction through a targeted physical training. We are the right address for you to feel good during and after training.

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Have we sparked your interest? The best way to personally convince yourself of our services is to come in for a free trial. Make an appointment for your trial training: by phone, by e-mail, with the contact form or visit us at the Boxacademy at Randweg 13, 3013 Bern.

For the training you need
Training clothes and sneakers.
Everything else you can find here.

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