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Box training

In the Boxacademy Bern we offer professional group training and individual lessons.

With us you can strengthen your self-confidence while doing something good for your health. In boxing you will improve your physical well-being and learn to be tenacious. In a group it is easier.

A boxing workout takes 60 minutes and starts with a warm-up. Thereafter, the basics are rehearsed in the Schlagschule. Then we come to the climax, the fitness boxing and sparring. The coaches always make sure that it is done with respect to one another! Very important, at the end of the training, stretch and cool down.

Timetable Here you can find all training times

Sequence of a boxing workout


Here the focus is on conditioning, strength training and agility.


The most important thing in boxing.
Punching school and
Exercises on a punching bag.


A sparring round lasts 2 or 3 min.
with a 30 sec. break.

Our professional and licensed trainers have years of experience in boxing and other sports. We specialize in strength / endurance and provide the perfect workout for everyone in addition to your favorite sport.
At Boxacademy we offer suitable training for every level - from beginner to advanced - and more!

Our trainers


Have we sparked your interest? The best way to personally convince yourself of our services is to come in for a free trial. Make an appointment for your trial training: by phone, by e-mail, with the contact form or visit us at the Boxacademy at Randweg 13, 3013 Bern.

For the training you need
Training clothes and sneakers.
Everything else you can find here.

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